Staying Healthy

Considering I’ve been HIV+ since about 1983, some people think I’m an expert. I prefer the term lucky.

A friend asked, “What are your secrets for staying healthy???? Anything I need to know?”.

Here’s my answer (your mileage may vary) …

✓ Stay on your meds! Raging viral loads are a danger to you and others. That one-pill-a-day will make all the difference in the world.

✓ Be good to your body. No excessive drinking or partying — maybe a beer a day and stay off the recreational drugs.

✓ Keeping your stress level down as much as possible.

✓ Find or create a good support group. Friends you can hang out with and be open about your status – that helps a lot.

✓ Quality of life is important. If you can’t “relax and enjoy the ride”, it’s not worth it.

✓ Be willing to tell people “No”. Not always easy – especially if it’s your doctor or your boss – but it’s your life. You only get one shot at it and you might as well enjoy it.

✓ And accept that some days are going to be better than others. Some of your choices are going to be better than others. And the bad choices make great learning experiences. 🙂

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