Chris at the corner of Christopher and Gay Sts. in NYC


Welcome to my blog. Things have been “interesting” lately, to say the least, with me coming out as ex-Christian. I decided this blog needed a makeover too. You’ll notice a lot of earlier posts no longer exist or have been … ➔ more

test tube labeled HIV+

Staying Healthy

Considering I’ve been HIV+ since about 1983, some people think I’m an expert. I prefer the term lucky. A friend asked, “What are your secrets for staying healthy???? Anything I need to know?”. Here’s my answer (your mileage may vary) … ➔ more

POZ magazine logo

For The Record – Part 2

OK, to be honest, I had been active in the HIV community long before this article came out and most everyone already knew I was HIV+. This December 2004 article in POZ Magazine, however, was the first time my status … ➔ more

Sacramento's gays parade with pride headline

For The Record – Part 1

Yeah, I am out. And I have the documentation to prove it. 🙂 It’s the day after Sacrament’s first Gay Pride event and I’m sitting at the table eating breakfast and reading the Sacramento Union newspaper. Turned to page 2 … ➔ more